Not another book about living in Paris….

Don’t be fooled. Bryce Corbett may have nailed it. I don’t know how many of these books I’ve read since I’ve landed in this beautiful city. And don’t get me wrong….enjoyed them all! But Bryce has covered all the quirks …the misunderstandings…the pros and cons…of living here.

I guess to the average reader who has never lived here may not understand some of what is written in his book – but to me – it made me laugh out loud and couldn’t resist saying ‘YES – THATS BLOODY RIGHT ON’ whilst turning the pages.

Bryce got lucky after playing the dating game for a while with the french women – finally crossed paths with an Australian girl from Brisbane of all places. Not only is she from Queensland – but she’s one of the dancers at the Lido (like the Moulin Rouge).

I was fortunate to attend one of the wonderful book launches held by WH Smith – and Bryce was there among other authors. I had hesitated to buy his book in the past due to the cost. I think it was over 30 euros god forbid! But eyeing other books on the shelves I came across the original release in soft cover, at a much more reasonable price, and decided – why not.

When I approached Bryce to sign it – I was with Jean Luc – where we chatted briefly about Australia – when I mentioned that I too was a Queensland girl, Bryce looked over to JL and said – ‘You’re a lucky guy – finding your own girl from Queensland – they are hard to come by – so look after that one’.

JL nodded in agreement and I was hoping he REALLY understood the impact of what Bryce was saying!!! So I made sure by saying it repeatedly on the way home on the metro.

Here you can find a more info on the book plus a short video of Bryce talking about his new home town.



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