Blooming gorgeous day in Paris

Yes it was…

As JL had some affairs to tend to – I headed for Jardin du Luxembourg and could not get over the beautiful display of flowers.

Wedding photos were being taken as I walked through and couldn’t resist joining the rest of the tourists by taking photos of the happy couple. Little do their family know they could see photos on the internet the evening of the wedding day!

I’m also in the process of doing some research for future visitors to Paris – finding great locations – today I came across Poilâne. Wonderful breads – rustic and crusty – some displaying their signature ‘P’ in the crust. I nibbled on the free sample of shortbread buscuits on the counter – ( I know aunty – but I did count the calories – I considered it ok due to being in the name of research ). Next visit I am definately buying some of their ginger spiced bread. Looked devine.

Check out the photos in the park here:


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