The humble radish

In Australia I always found radishes too hot to eat – but here in France – they are another taste altogether. Definately not too hot. They are a different shape too – small and long (like your little finger). The french like to eat them by dipping the ends in butter (real butter I might add – not margarine thank you very much! – in fact I don’t think it exists here!). Then they have the hide to sprinkle salt over it!
Uncalled for I say – as they look at me strange when I pop them into my mouth just as nature intended them to be eaten.

I did follow up on copying the way that JL’s dad serves them up – and that is with a plate of sliced tomatos – finely slice the radish – sprinkle some course sea salt and add a mix of 2 parts olive oil and 1 part white wine vinegar – you have yourself a burst of sunshine for your taste buds! 


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