The sound of the drill….

It had been at least 15months since my last visit to the dentist. The delay wasn’t because of the pain I suffered in my mouth – but the pain I suffered in the back pocket.
I had taken myself off to the American Hospital, where I am told they speak English. Unfortunately the dentist didn’t speak much English at all and nor could I with my mouth wide open at the time.
My mouth was permanently wide open when I left with a 200 euro (AUD 350) account in my hand just for cleaning my teeth. Even though I have a medical insurance as part of my salary package, this amount far outweighed my entitled rebate.
So…..this time round, I asked around my colleagues and found a local dentist who is American.
I nervously made my way to the surgery which is located just down the street from the Arc de Triomphe. I arrived at the main street entrance and immediately thought ‘gee…bit different to the crappy dentist’s address I had in Australia!’
Making it through the first door I had to cross a marble floored entrance then through an opening displaying a beautiful quiet garden – finally to the next part of the building at the back. I rang the bell named ‘DENTIST’ and was instructed to come up to the first level. Red carpeted steps took me into a room like you see in period dramas with the women wearing heavy gowns and talking all posh.
I was sent to the waiting room and it was there I could rest and take in the beauty of the room. Open fireplaces – incredible high ceilings with intricate plaster work – large regal chairs placed around the neat display of magazines – honestly, the room was too beautiful to waste time flicking through a mag.
The dentist came in, introduced himself – and we hit it off immediately. I raved on about how nice his surgery was and I think I won a mate.
The dental room was large and slick and I felt immediately I was in good hands. Wondering all the time how much this is all going to cost me this time!
After doing x-rays (like they all do with a new client) – then hinting at further work in the future – he asked me to follow him into the next room so he can have his assistant see to cleaning my teeth. The assistant, speaking no English, positioned me into the next recliner dental bed and there I stayed until she finished scraping, sucking and polishing the daylights out of my mouth.
Feeling my super clean teeth with my tongue I went to pay the bill and was pleasantly surprised the total was 120 euros (AUD 210) – still expensive – but hey some fools gotta pay for the nice surroundings!


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