A visit to the inlaws

Duty calls and we were off to La Harve in Normandy to see if ‘the olds’ were getting on ok. With the old fellow not doing too good these days – its important that we make more of an effort to get there and see them.

I made a wonderful cake the night before – first time with this receipe – it had dried figs and fresh green apple through it – with a sprinkling of almonds on top. Looked just like the picture when I finished.

JL had packed alot of his ‘never to throw away’ magazines (he thinks he will sell them on EBay one day and make a fortune…hmmm) into boxes and made a deal with his dad to keep them in his garage for safe keeping. As we need to get the flat reduced down with unused things to make way for the new kitchen!!

After packing around 9 heavy boxes into the back of the car – we took off to La Harve. Once at the flat of his mum and dad, the old fella decided to come down to the garage just to keep an eye on what JL is doing down there and also JL wanted some tools to use for working on the kitchen. He’s actually got two garages – not sure how he scored the other one – but one is for the car – and the other is for his bits and pieces. I had to laugh, as the dad stuck a hat on his head that made him look like he’s a station master.

After stacking the boxes and doing some quick handy work for the dad – we watched him sweep some leaves on the concrete floor rejecting our offers of help. The whole time I am worried hes going to wear himeself out! With that finished with – I followed the men to the another hidie hole room – under the apartment building – which houses all sorts of interesting stuff…tools and nails…screws and electrical items. Was an aladins cave. I was making sure I took it all in – till I spotted an old old radio – in blond timber – and apparently still works like a dream. Shame its down there getting dust on it. One day……

We head back upstairs to see how the mum is getting on with the lunch…smells wonderful by the way. Shes doing crunchy potatoes with a pintard. A pintard is what we call a fowl in oz. I have never had one before – so was looking forward to it. The dad on the other hand wasn’t taking the three flights of steps up (plus the sweeping) well. He went directly to the lounge and needed to regain his strength.

At the same time – the mothers having difficulty setting the timer on her new oven for roasting the bird. JL goes to help – but the dad shows his authority and says I will do it – and shuffles into the kitchen – now theres three of them hovering around the oven. The dad won’t let JL take over – he still can’t get it to work – JL’s trying to tell him – but no – won’t have anything to do with what he says – he’s been given a stool to sit on to face the oven as well. He gets up and goes to find the instructions and comes back for another go. To me, looking on, it was so funny – I just had to take a photo. In the end the dad got completely fed up and frustrated, JL fixed it in a second, and the mum ended up crying (due to the dad being so upset!)…I didn’t know where to hide!

The lunch turned out beautiful in the end. The gave me a bottle of congac called Benedict because I ooohed and ahhed so much after drinking it at the last lunch.

Finally the dad came around an hour later and the mum dried her tears. It’s a trying time for everyone thats for sure.

I’ve got a few photos for you here of the day – the last photo I tried to take was a zoomed in close up of the ex-partner of JL. As there is a family portrait siting on the buffet hutch. Just as I went to take the shot – the camera lens closed up and said ‘no battery’ !!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….karma



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