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Christmased out

December 27, 2008

imagesAfter two Christmas’ and another one tomorrow…I have had it! Racing around wrapping gifts…putting up decorations…cooking this…stiring that…washing up sink fulls…(in my new kitchen..ahem..) I truly am over Chrissy for 12mths.

I have some snaps of how the French and the English version of Christmas went in this little flat in Paris…note the food difference! I took a couple of photos of the sky outside on the evening of the it was very hazy. You will see a pic of me early morning on the 25th making a call back home on Skype. Plus some shots of the lovely gifts we got from everyone this year…wow…very spoit! THANK YOU!

Now to gear up for another round of ‘Bonne Noel’ with the in-laws…


Christmas Lights on the Parisian Boulevards

December 23, 2008

I got up early to beat the crowds so to get a chance to get up close to the magical Christmas window displays of the famous Parisian stores…a few being Galleries Lafayette, Bonne Marche and Printemps.

The animated displays puts a smile on your face without you realising it. They are absolutely beautiful – they have music playing to match the antics of the animation…it just makes you feel like a kid again. When you look at these photos…don’t think that some are upside down…it was actually like that in the displays.

The first few shots are of a store I just discovered…I WANT EVERYTHING in this shop…oh just so so beautiful.  Also, I am sure you will love the puppy dog I saw – just staring out the doorway of a shop…how beautiful is he…!!!

One day I hope you can be here to enjoy them with me…enjoy…
(don’t forget…click on the first photo to see it enlarge..and click on from there..)


And like a miracle…poof…a new kitchen

December 23, 2008

If only it was like that! Oh no…blood sweat tears and a lot of french arguments …which really took the shine off it all…until the very last day when it was finally finished (which was only two days ago).

Now I have a kitchen like I never would of believed. It’s been 3 years living without a proper kitchen. Just temporary measures and makeshift arrangements.

You will notice the photos show from the first days when JL started drawing up plans…through the process of the clearing out the kitchen…moving stuff into the lounge area…the work area prepared for the work….the cupboards and electrical fittings arrive…everything begins to be installed…then the granite goes into place (see the photo of the join which should not have happened – if you can pick it)…the door of the fridge has its problems (you will see last photos – door of fridge opens on opposite side – but still not working well – Fred to the rescue in due course)…finally the glass goes in and the plug sockets in the corners…so happy!

I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do! (click on the first photo – which will enlarge)

Tis beginning to look alot like Christmas….

December 21, 2008

Finding a time to put some decorations up was proving difficult. But last night – amongst other priorities – I found some stored energy.

I would of liked to have spent more time…and more money…(always the latter) …but this will have to do for this year. Although I did see a lovely lit up white flexible (like a branch off a tree) that would easily pack away – it really takes my eye and I can imagine it lit in the corner – not just at Christmas – but all year round. Might have to give it to myself for Chrissy…

Anyway…here you go…more to come over the next 2 weeks…