And like a miracle…poof…a new kitchen

If only it was like that! Oh no…blood sweat tears and a lot of french arguments …which really took the shine off it all…until the very last day when it was finally finished (which was only two days ago).

Now I have a kitchen like I never would of believed. It’s been 3 years living without a proper kitchen. Just temporary measures and makeshift arrangements.

You will notice the photos show from the first days when JL started drawing up plans…through the process of the clearing out the kitchen…moving stuff into the lounge area…the work area prepared for the work….the cupboards and electrical fittings arrive…everything begins to be installed…then the granite goes into place (see the photo of the join which should not have happened – if you can pick it)…the door of the fridge has its problems (you will see last photos – door of fridge opens on opposite side – but still not working well – Fred to the rescue in due course)…finally the glass goes in and the plug sockets in the corners…so happy!

I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do! (click on the first photo – which will enlarge)


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