Christmas/New Year with the inlaws

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas/New Year with the in-laws on the 28th.

We showered them with little gifts of all sorts – and we had a lovely lunch prepared by them. JL’s mum loved her gloves and scarf and the dad especially loved his new jumper. We also gave him the novelty tie – given to JL for Christmas from Betty! It went down well – even gave us a little dance with it in his hand.

I noticed they had a pineapple sitting on the side board – and as if I hadn’t eaten enough – I mentioned how I loved next thing they had me out in the kitchen cutting it up. Well of course – being an FNQ chick – it didn’t take me a minute to slice it up and added a flare of placing the top of the pineapple in the middle of the plate….WELL…you should of heard them..they thought I was the ants pants and wanted to know how I had done it so quick! Was ripe and ready too. Yum.

We brought along a lovely cake made by Pierre Herme – had chards of white toffee pearcing the outside of the ‘bomb’ cake. Very delicous!

If you’ve already eaten dinner – these photos might just fill you up a bit more..


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