It’s cold out

rcdcawud7vzcav92bijcazx67mocavounfyca69c34zcat805uncaq5295ucaxelwfbca6ouwsecaske999caabo9mhcad5ac92caqtlp32ca7cxhpgca13bjuecab7ywjgcakv9djica9xprmicallko24Yes indeedy…bloody freezing. Everyone returned to work today after 2 weeks holiday. As we all walked out the door of our appartment buildings we were showered in falling snow.

I had a big smile on my face…as this is the first time I really experienced it that heavy. By the time I got to work it was thick – all over the ground…and very slippery. I had on high heel (swede!) boots – so I had to trudge carefully.

All day at work it snowed…was beautiful to look out the window and see it gather on the sills and rooftops…really made you feel christmassy all over again.

But by the time I left the snow was deep! and much more slippery than the morning…it was dark, wet, cold and dangerous. I was so frightened feeling I was going to slip. I edged my way to the metro underground and was so glad to have some rails to hold on to.

They say its going to be -10 on Wednesday…so it’s flat shoes from this day forward for me.

I will take my camera tomorrow to try get more photos for you..but for now I have a few…notice its the same roof line as in my blog – but a wintery version of it.


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