New Year – French style

rlmcalaieilcauwqribca42cddvcaeyxfamcakizib0cavgla2vca71t1mtcaqd3rl4ca2d59xkcadqn6xfcaiqfedxca0w6f6jca2808p9cat2jnqmcaqr8wq1ca3na5u4cafvffr4caykoeemcaxa340eWell for those of you who know me well…as usual JL takes me away each NY to a nice restaurant – for a numerous course meal. This year was no different.

He’d heard about a young chef (around 45 yrs) who was making a name for himself 2 hrs outside of Paris in a place called Caen. So we travelled there on the 31st – booked into a Best Western – and had a marvelous dinner – filled with lots of surprises and memories.

So engrossed in eating – when the restaurant staff flicked the light switch on and off a couple of times – I totally forgot why we were there! Then as per normal – people glanced around from table to table and nodded ‘ Bonne Annee’. So quiet to the aussie style.

Enjoy the photos…added are a few around Caen – and the fog whilst travelling there. By the way…take a look at one of the last photos of the food…that was a tray of different sugars they offered with our coffee and tea at the end of the meal!

The very last shot was the fog following us all the way home..



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