Party at Relle’s

v1lcacyhrmgcanghpa3cabrbbowcauz2rr0calh3kjycajw7khjcagozcx0cak9wlspcat6b53rcama50iacaisbo6pcarh4zf3ca04ngr1cag1kqg9cagw2xi7calwsruucaeiyrugcax9e2accah3jpzgDecided to throw a ‘New Year’s drink’ last Friday – and invited a few close friends. The maxium we could fit in our flat were five people – as well as me and JL.

People were to arrive around 2pm..and even with those numbers, we over did it a bit..and by a stoke of luck we had one guest leave and another arrive – so they crossed paths and so made more space.

I cooked up an Aussie spread…(the Frenchman wasn’t too sure of that word)..consisting of party pies and sausage well as fancy eggs, salmon and something a little different – mini BLT’s.  (I had some left over meat from the party pies – so I made some pie and peas for the freezer). Everything was gobbled up as they oohed and ahhed over the new kitchen.

We had a lovely afternoon – went on till 10pm. I flopped into bed that night I tell you.

Drool over these photos..


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