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New Restaurant

August 6, 2009

images[6]I love when a new restaurant opens in Paris…something new …something exciting…something adventurous….

And this new one is that and much more…!!


Déjeuner au Havre

August 4, 2009

For my mother-in-laws birthday we ate at a wonderful restaurant in Le Havre – where we had 7 courses! and a lovely bottle of wine.

We started with savory starters – served on a dark coloured timber board next came an arrangement of little dishes which all tasted scrumptious – then a seafood chowder soup with an egg in the middle! looked strange but was to die for!! next came perfectly cooked fish…then crispy skined duck.

After a 10mins we then started on a selection of cheese from the cheese board and then followed a vanilla macaroon with berries …then finally finishing off with your tea/coffee a selection of sweet treats on the wooden board again..pheww…show me the bed for a lie down!

The birthday gift was a mobile phone – built for the aged! She loves it and feels very hip and happenin’.

Happy birthday maman…