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Oh beautiful Annecy

October 13, 2009

WD6CAK09MG5CA41EELGCAHWBTU3CACUVII2CARPUBR3CAE0SLCMCA280384CA2IXU3JCAN78IGWCA2U3JAOCAX583I6CA9538L5CAC4ZCH7CA8MRPO6CA2N6DOBCA3TBE1OCACFTS6PCAKGX8YECAAKBSIBRecently I had seen a picture in a holiday magazine of a cute little french town – with a river running through the middle – and had to immediately find out where this place was!

According to my research it was Annecy – so with a bit of complaining that I never GO french man booked a trip on the train and we made a weekender of it.

4 hours outside of Paris – located north east of France – the cute township of Annecy is built around a large lake.

Was so nice to get away from the hussle and bussle of Paris. We booked into a lovely hotel and just meandered the little streets – suddenly coming across the location of the ‘actual’ photo I saw in the original magazine! 

In the park we came across a lovely little house made of plants – it was very creatively done. So many weddings were doing their official photos in the park – one bride even had on a green dress for a change! Looked quite nice actually.

After walking around so much – we just had to indulge in eating some icecream – so nice…so many flavours…we had to go back for seconds!

Make sure  you list it in your ‘places to see’…

Annecy photos…


3 girlfriends in Prague

October 13, 2009
imagesI really did not know what to expect when I recently went to Prague. I had heard mostly positive comments on the place and those people who I’d spoken to had actually been back twice! – would I feel the same?? The answer is yes!
I was taken aback with the beauty of the city, the winding alley ways and the colourful buildings. I know I live in a beautiful city – but this place was different. I had visions that it would be dark and gloomy – how you’d imagine eastern european countries…but it was nothing like that as you will see by the photos.
My mate Jen and I arrived at the same time at Prague airport and as planned a chauffeur was waiting with a sign to take us to our hotel…Jen and I gasbagged all the way as it’d been a year since last catch up. The driver made a mistake and dropped us at the right number of the address – but in actual fact our hotel was up the road a bit in the square. So we found ourselves on the street looking a bit bewildered. A lady in a restaurant up the road a bit – pointed to us to come inside her restaurant – so we were thinking ‘oh this is the hotel’!! – but once inside we realised she was getting us in for some business! Well – at this stage I could see the funny side of we are – foreign country – just arrived – trouble already! And what did I do – but start laughing…so much so – that I couldn’t stop…the restaurant staff were trying to help us find the right address of our hotel – but of course those papers were down the bottom of Jen’s suitcase…and this just caused me to double up laughing…it was so embarrassing…I was out of control…for at least 15mins..finally when they had worked out our hotel was just up in the square – we started to calm down and decided to stay and have a couple of beers and a bite to eat. Beer was lovely – a mix of dark and light brew.
We staggered up to the apartment hotel like two soaks – and met the italian bloke running the show. He went through so much detail we were beginning to yawn with overkill of being welcomed. Our apartment was gorgeous…over 90 sq metres – 2 huge bedrooms – two toilets – large kitchen/dining area. Plenty of space for 3 girls to run riot.
After hours and hours of catch up chatter – Jen and I made our way into the streets of Prague to find somewhere for dinner. We came across a restaurant with a beautiful interior and ordered a meal – which wasn’t really nice (sounded nice on the menu!) and my wine by the glass was given to me with what seemed to be a dust slick floating on top! Stupidly we paid and left…took a photo beforehand of the interior (see early on in the photos).
The apartment, although lovely, had a crazy locking system in place. First they had the main gate that had a large gold key – and you couldn’t open the gate by just putting in the key – you had to pull it half way out and then back in and jiggle it around till you had it just right! Same thing for the other 2 doors. Was very annoying – especially when you were busting for the loo!!
Louise arrived from Berlin on Friday night – and we picked her up from the train/metro station – took her directly out to dinner at 10pm!
We noticed the town folk were not really a happy bunch – could it be the 30 year war that left this imprint on the people…maybe so. Things were cheap – so that helped put a smile back on our faces though!
We managed to see alot of sights – unfortunately the castle was out of bounds due to Pope Benedikt XVI who had made a special visit on our girls weekend. Priests and nuns were scurrering around looking so excited – bless ’em.
The holiday continued with lots of laughs and a great memory.
Hope you enjoy the pics…(sorry they are so late mum!)