Oh beautiful Annecy

WD6CAK09MG5CA41EELGCAHWBTU3CACUVII2CARPUBR3CAE0SLCMCA280384CA2IXU3JCAN78IGWCA2U3JAOCAX583I6CA9538L5CAC4ZCH7CA8MRPO6CA2N6DOBCA3TBE1OCACFTS6PCAKGX8YECAAKBSIBRecently I had seen a picture in a holiday magazine of a cute little french town – with a river running through the middle – and had to immediately find out where this place was!

According to my research it was Annecy – so with a bit of complaining that I never GO ANYWHERE..my french man booked a trip on the train and we made a weekender of it.

4 hours outside of Paris – located north east of France – the cute township of Annecy is built around a large lake.

Was so nice to get away from the hussle and bussle of Paris. We booked into a lovely hotel and just meandered the little streets – suddenly coming across the location of the ‘actual’ photo I saw in the original magazine! 

In the park we came across a lovely little house made of plants – it was very creatively done. So many weddings were doing their official photos in the park – one bride even had on a green dress for a change! Looked quite nice actually.

After walking around so much – we just had to indulge in eating some icecream – so nice…so many flavours…we had to go back for seconds!

Make sure  you list it in your ‘places to see’…

Annecy photos…



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