Shows galore!

Just returned from a fabulous shopping spending spree in London…and it didn’t disapoint me as usual…purchases included boots…dresses…christmas pressies…food…and plenty of live shows!

Calendar Girls – brought the tickets from a ‘last minute’ kiosk which got me a great seat right up the front for a full frontal view of the nude calendar girls. So expertly done – I didn’t see a thing! Was I blinking at the wrong time?? But one of the actresses who was a bigger lady – gave us all an eye full by jumping up and down and her bossoms were going this way and that. Was a wonderful show!

Christmas with the Rat Pack – so there I was with Sammy, Deano and Frank – and boy it was like going back in time. The scene is set as if we were in a night club at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas – the boys strutted their stuff like professionals…I was highly impressed. The audience couldn’t help but sing along with them…especially when ‘ Jack the Knife’ came on.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – This would of had to been the best show I’ve seen in a long while. Marvelous costumes…witty one offs…overdosing on everything gay…and so spot on with the film …Jason Donovan was good…but the others just as good if not better! Why oh why do those boys have the bodies us women crave for????!!!!

If you are in London take my advice…GO SEE A SHOW!


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