2010..and so it begins…

But before we get stuck right into it, heres how the Christmas and New Year unfolded in Paris….

Its always exciting leading up to Christmas over here…the shops are decorated like there is some competition going on…and they surely leave my feeble home decoration attempt alot to be desired. Even in bread shops! They use strands of gold pearls, bird cages, course salt spread everywhere imitating snow. Its so wonderful..really gets you in the spirit.

By chance I saw Santa Claus the weekend before Christmas while we were stocking up on our christmas supplies. I was so excited! He was so jolly! 

In the photos I’ve attached – you will meet my Butcher, his helper, my bread shop lady (who always gives me free bread rolls!) and our cheese shop!

The photos will take you to our Christmas night (24 December -the French Christmas)where we ate a huge seafood platter….then the following day the 25th…(English style Christmas)..where we ate Pintard (Guinea fowl)…JL gave me Wii Fit for Christmas…whoo hoo..was I excited! Then Christmas again at his mums, we did the cooking – lagustines in a creamy sauce with voluvents and caramel and lemon tartlettes!

We decorated the table with rose petals and diamontees…then finally new year back in Paris…where I made JL’s favorite dinner…prawn cutlets!

Hope you enjoy the photos..copy and paste the link below and don’t forget to click on the calendar to view photos on the following dates..19/24/25/27/28/31


Happy new year!


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