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Australia is the new flavour

May 2, 2010

Australia seems to be getting a bit of a free publicity over here in France…with thanks to our native animals.

This latest Orange advertisment supporting their new internet product…apparently promising that it will give you more power surge than what you are already getting….with thanks to an aussie roo!

These signs are up everywhere at the moment…and the other day whilst travelling on the metro…we stopped to pick up more passengers and while I sat, to my surprise on the other side of the platform, I saw this same poster of the roos…and inside the carriage I was in was an advertisement to come see the cuddly koalas at the Zoo in Beauval, France!

How can one get homesick?


To market…to market…

May 1, 2010

to buy a fat hen….

Well not really…as I didn’t have enough money on me for one…and we had decided on pork for tonight!

I took to the streets to see whats happening on a Saturday morning on the other side of the Seine…I was pleasantly surprised….

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