A bad taste in my mouth…

September 4, 2009

images[7]My brother has told me for some time to beware of the dentists of today. They are out there to rip us off – leaving us with our ‘mouths open wide’ with shock when they hand us their invoice.

Have to agree with him. I had my first root canal done this week – wasn’t a pleasant experience – nor was the end when I paid the bill.

But when you look at  where his surgery is…(and he actually lives in the same building) you know exactly where your money is going…..


New Restaurant

August 6, 2009

images[6]I love when a new restaurant opens in Paris…something new …something exciting…something adventurous….

And this new one is that and much more…!!

Déjeuner au Havre

August 4, 2009

For my mother-in-laws birthday we ate at a wonderful restaurant in Le Havre – where we had 7 courses! and a lovely bottle of wine.

We started with savory starters – served on a dark coloured timber board next came an arrangement of little dishes which all tasted scrumptious – then a seafood chowder soup with an egg in the middle! looked strange but was to die for!! next came perfectly cooked fish…then crispy skined duck.

After a 10mins we then started on a selection of cheese from the cheese board and then followed a vanilla macaroon with berries …then finally finishing off with your tea/coffee a selection of sweet treats on the wooden board again..pheww…show me the bed for a lie down!

The birthday gift was a mobile phone – built for the aged! She loves it and feels very hip and happenin’.

Happy birthday maman…

New Year – French style

January 5, 2009

rlmcalaieilcauwqribca42cddvcaeyxfamcakizib0cavgla2vca71t1mtcaqd3rl4ca2d59xkcadqn6xfcaiqfedxca0w6f6jca2808p9cat2jnqmcaqr8wq1ca3na5u4cafvffr4caykoeemcaxa340eWell for those of you who know me well…as usual JL takes me away each NY to a nice restaurant – for a numerous course meal. This year was no different.

He’d heard about a young chef (around 45 yrs) who was making a name for himself 2 hrs outside of Paris in a place called Caen. So we travelled there on the 31st – booked into a Best Western – and had a marvelous dinner – filled with lots of surprises and memories.

So engrossed in eating – when the restaurant staff flicked the light switch on and off a couple of times – I totally forgot why we were there! Then as per normal – people glanced around from table to table and nodded ‘ Bonne Annee’. So quiet to the aussie style.

Enjoy the photos…added are a few around Caen – and the fog whilst travelling there. By the way…take a look at one of the last photos of the food…that was a tray of different sugars they offered with our coffee and tea at the end of the meal!

The very last shot was the fog following us all the way home..



Christmas/New Year with the inlaws

January 5, 2009

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas/New Year with the in-laws on the 28th.

We showered them with little gifts of all sorts – and we had a lovely lunch prepared by them. JL’s mum loved her gloves and scarf and the dad especially loved his new jumper. We also gave him the novelty tie – given to JL for Christmas from Betty! It went down well – even gave us a little dance with it in his hand.

I noticed they had a pineapple sitting on the side board – and as if I hadn’t eaten enough – I mentioned how I loved pineapple..so next thing they had me out in the kitchen cutting it up. Well of course – being an FNQ chick – it didn’t take me a minute to slice it up and added a flare of placing the top of the pineapple in the middle of the plate….WELL…you should of heard them..they thought I was the ants pants and wanted to know how I had done it so quick! Was ripe and ready too. Yum.

We brought along a lovely cake made by Pierre Herme – had chards of white toffee pearcing the outside of the ‘bomb’ cake. Very delicous!

If you’ve already eaten dinner – these photos might just fill you up a bit more..


Party at Relle’s

January 5, 2009

v1lcacyhrmgcanghpa3cabrbbowcauz2rr0calh3kjycajw7khjcagozcx0cak9wlspcat6b53rcama50iacaisbo6pcarh4zf3ca04ngr1cag1kqg9cagw2xi7calwsruucaeiyrugcax9e2accah3jpzgDecided to throw a ‘New Year’s drink’ last Friday – and invited a few close friends. The maxium we could fit in our flat were five people – as well as me and JL.

People were to arrive around 2pm..and even with those numbers, we over did it a bit..and by a stoke of luck we had one guest leave and another arrive – so they crossed paths and so made more space.

I cooked up an Aussie spread…(the Frenchman wasn’t too sure of that word)..consisting of party pies and sausage rolls..as well as fancy eggs, salmon and something a little different – mini BLT’s.  (I had some left over meat from the party pies – so I made some pie and peas for the freezer). Everything was gobbled up as they oohed and ahhed over the new kitchen.

We had a lovely afternoon – went on till 10pm. I flopped into bed that night I tell you.

Drool over these photos..


It’s cold out

January 5, 2009

rcdcawud7vzcav92bijcazx67mocavounfyca69c34zcat805uncaq5295ucaxelwfbca6ouwsecaske999caabo9mhcad5ac92caqtlp32ca7cxhpgca13bjuecab7ywjgcakv9djica9xprmicallko24Yes indeedy…bloody freezing. Everyone returned to work today after 2 weeks holiday. As we all walked out the door of our appartment buildings we were showered in falling snow.

I had a big smile on my face…as this is the first time I really experienced it that heavy. By the time I got to work it was thick – all over the ground…and very slippery. I had on high heel (swede!) boots – so I had to trudge carefully.

All day at work it snowed…was beautiful to look out the window and see it gather on the sills and rooftops…really made you feel christmassy all over again.

But by the time I left the snow was deep! and much more slippery than the morning…it was dark, wet, cold and dangerous. I was so frightened feeling I was going to slip. I edged my way to the metro underground and was so glad to have some rails to hold on to.

They say its going to be -10 on Wednesday…so it’s flat shoes from this day forward for me.

I will take my camera tomorrow to try get more photos for you..but for now I have a few…notice its the same roof line as in my blog – but a wintery version of it.


Christmased out

December 27, 2008

imagesAfter two Christmas’ and another one tomorrow…I have had it! Racing around wrapping gifts…putting up decorations…cooking this…stiring that…washing up sink fulls…(in my new kitchen..ahem..) I truly am over Chrissy for 12mths.

I have some snaps of how the French and the English version of Christmas went in this little flat in Paris…note the food difference! I took a couple of photos of the sky outside on the evening of the 24th..as it was very hazy. You will see a pic of me early morning on the 25th making a call back home on Skype. Plus some shots of the lovely gifts we got from everyone this year…wow…very spoit! THANK YOU!

Now to gear up for another round of ‘Bonne Noel’ with the in-laws…


Christmas Lights on the Parisian Boulevards

December 23, 2008

I got up early to beat the crowds so to get a chance to get up close to the magical Christmas window displays of the famous Parisian stores…a few being Galleries Lafayette, Bonne Marche and Printemps.

The animated displays puts a smile on your face without you realising it. They are absolutely beautiful – they have music playing to match the antics of the animation…it just makes you feel like a kid again. When you look at these photos…don’t think that some are upside down…it was actually like that in the displays.

The first few shots are of a store I just discovered…I WANT EVERYTHING in this shop…oh just so so beautiful.  Also, I am sure you will love the puppy dog I saw – just staring out the doorway of a shop…how beautiful is he…!!!

One day I hope you can be here to enjoy them with me…enjoy…
(don’t forget…click on the first photo to see it enlarge..and click on from there..)



And like a miracle…poof…a new kitchen

December 23, 2008

If only it was like that! Oh no…blood sweat tears and a lot of french arguments …which really took the shine off it all…until the very last day when it was finally finished (which was only two days ago).

Now I have a kitchen like I never would of believed. It’s been 3 years living without a proper kitchen. Just temporary measures and makeshift arrangements.

You will notice the photos show from the first days when JL started drawing up plans…through the process of the clearing out the kitchen…moving stuff into the lounge area…the work area prepared for the work….the cupboards and electrical fittings arrive…everything begins to be installed…then the granite goes into place (see the photo of the join which should not have happened – if you can pick it)…the door of the fridge has its problems (you will see last photos – door of fridge opens on opposite side – but still not working well – Fred to the rescue in due course)…finally the glass goes in and the plug sockets in the corners…so happy!

I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do! (click on the first photo – which will enlarge)